getting started with new hosting account

7 Awesome Tips For Your New Hosting Account

Unsure of what to do with your new hosting account? Here are super useful tips & recommended steps to help you get started with a new hosting account.

Set Your Language & Preferences

Your new hosting account is ready.

And you are wondering what are the steps on getting started with the new hosting account.

Your first task after getting your cPanel credentials is to personalize your cPanel.

One of the ways to do that is by changing the cPanel interface language to your native language.

You can also leave it in English.

To do cPanel interface language, scroll down to the Preferences section.

Select the language that you wish to use from the Select a language menu.

Click Change.

The interface will refresh in the newly-selected language.

When you do this, the system sets a cookie in your browser that expires after one year.

If you log in to webmail from a new browser or delete cookies, or after the cookie expires, you must repeat this.

Set up Contact Preferences

Having taken care of the language part, come back to Preferences.

Click on Contact Information.

Set up an email address to receive email notifications.

We recommend that you use an email address that your cPanel account does not own.

You can use a Google Gmail account, your iCloud email address, or similar.

That way you will be able to receive notifications even if your domain is unreachable.

You can also use Pushbullet™ access tokens.

Select your desired notification settings in the Contact Preferences section.

Ensure that you have set to receive a notification when:

  • your contact email address changes
  • someone disables your contact email address change
  • someone change your account password
  • someone disables your account’s password changes setting
  • someone logs in to your account
  • someone logs in to your account successfully through any IP address
  • someone disables the Someone logs in to my account setting
  • someone links your account to an external authentication provider
  • someone disabled the An external account links to my account for authentication settings.

cPanel Account Password

Actually, we don’t recommend changing this as we always create your hosting account with a strong password.

But if you must change your account password, then:

Go back to Preferences and click on Password & Security.

Click Change your password now! to change your password.

Please use a more secure password than less.

It is advised that you do not use the same password you are using for your other accounts.

It is also recommended that you use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password.

You can easily generate a good random password that is hard to guess and harder for computer programs to crack by visiting

Or use the Password Generator feature.

Here is a visual guide by coders.bro to help you understand how breakable your password is:

Password Strength and Hackablity

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