How To Create A Secure Blog With Serendipity CMS

Learn how to create a reliable, secure & extensible blog with Serendipity, a flexible & easy-to-use application for bloggers, developers & website owners. What is Serendipity? Serendipity CMS is a web application that you can use to create a web blog, a photoblog, a complete homepage for your online project and a host of other […]

How To Add SSH Key For cPanel SSH Access

As a cPanel user, you will often need to manage your website or application files either through SSH or FTP. Here is a way to do this securely through the SSH key feature that comes with cPanel natively. The first question probably is, why enforce key authentication instead of the normal password authentication for these […]

cPanel Reseller Hosting Account Guide

cPanel reseller hosting goes beyond merely getting a web hosting reseller account. The best reseller hosting plans will help you maximize your income and brand. Learn how to build a brand as a cPanel web host & cPanel hosting reseller. What is cPanel Reseller Hosting? In the web hosting industry, a web hosting organization owns […]